Are you a fan of softcore?  There are many people who prefer viewing softcore as opposed to the more extreme content, we are all built differently, one person’s fantasies are very different to another.  A lot of us prefer to use our imaginations more, at least partly, in combination with our eyes.  Back in the 1980’s the most that the average person was likely to see was a naked women, maybe in Playboy or in a film.  If the Internet existed back then having a list of softcore sites and models would have been a dream start page for most men, enabling them to go through the models and all the best sites.  Now there are many people who softcore does nothing for, but there are also a lot of us left who don’t want to see the extreme stuff which the others are looking it, we would prefer to be in a softer environment where the maximum we will see is nudity, and no more.  A lot of us like to see women in clothes first, before they start to remove them, and many prefer a long sensuous strip tease.  Once people find their favorite sites then they tend to stick with them, especially once they have trust that it’s a safe website to surf around.  The site below is ideal for softcore web surfers wanting to start their navigation around all the best soft sites, finding out which ones have updates that they want to see.  There are big sites there like Playboy, Only Tease etc, and also smaller ones like StasyQ, Northwest Beauties and Zishy, along with a list of models who have their own sites.  The SoftcoreList site is an ideal one to keep in your bookmarks or even to have it as a home page, assuming that nobody else is likely to be using your computer, as that could lead to quite an embarrassing situation.  Then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to see that a red-blooded male wants to view softcore, whereas with some of the extreme and more obscure fetishes, those are what could be really embarrassing.  The list on the site is constantly updating, there are many gems on there to look out for, something for everyone, depends what you exact preferences are.

All the best softcore sites and models

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